USFUVG Board Visits UVG-SAS for Site Visit (March 2013)

March 31st, 2013 | USFUVG

GRADUATESAs part of our spring Board meeting held in Guatemala, USFUVG Directors had the distinct honor of attending UVG's Altiplano graduation. The graduates included 24 from the Engineering program with a concentration in agroforestry, 11 from the Sciences and Humanities program with a concentration in tourism, and 11 with a degree in Education. The teacher training program also graduated 20 students: 10 from the bilingual and multicultural track, 9 from the mathematics and computer track, and one from the primary education track. Forty-five percent of the young men and women graduated with distinction. It was a proud day for all.

After graduation, we visited the UVG-San Andrés Semetabaj site nearby. The property is undeveloped land. The area includes a grouping of Mayan mounds, confirmed to be a Pre-Classic to early Classic age for the site and established it as one of the oldest Mayan sites in the Guatemalan highlands. A joint archeological project between Stanford University and UVG is currently underway. Plans to build a field station, a Center for Rural Development and possibly a Cultural Center are being discussed and developed.

Madelin Yessenia Giron Corzo, a student of ecotourism at UVG-Altiplano and one of two students on scholarship provided by the US Foundation's efforts to fundraise for the UVG-SAS project, spent the afternoon with the group as we all toured the site together.  It was wonderful to learn more about her ambitions for her UVG-experience as she had just begun her studies three months earlier in January at the commence of the semester.

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