UVG-SAS Scholarship Students for 2013


Scholarship funds raised by USFUVG in association with this project support students chosen from those studying ecotourism, archeology and education at the UVG-Altiplano campus.

There are currently two students receiving the UVG-SAS scholarship:

  • Madelin Yessenia Giron Corzo, a student of ecotourism
  • Denis Eli Cumes Mendoza, a student of education

They began their studies in January 2013.


July 2013 Update:

MADELIN …  As a student of tourism in the ITEC program, Madelin has just finished her first semester of study at UVG-Altiplano.  She recently shared with the US Foundation:  “I have had a great time at the University (this past semester).  The education I am receiving is very good and I have learned so very much….  I have just completed the first semester and my grades were good…. The class I liked the most was Population and Environment.”

Born in the National Hospital in Sololá, Madelin and her family live in Aldea Godínez, of San Andres Semetabaj, Sololá.  With three sisters and two brothers, she says her dream is “to complete (her) studies and give (her) parents the pride of being the first child to graduate from college.”  She states, “I dream of having my own business … what I want is to build a future to be able to help my parents (and family).”  After completion of her current two-year program, Madelin has expressed an interest in continuing her studies at UVG and enrolling in the Licenciatura three-year program in hotel management.

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